The word conveyancing is used to describe the administrative and legal procedures necessary to transfer ownership (and other rights) in immovable property from one person to another.

You get three types of conveyancing attorneys

In a ‘typical’ sale, namely a transfer that results from a sale that was brought about by the efforts of an estate agent, there are three conveyancing attorneys involved in the property buying/selling process:

Snyman de Jager Transferring Attorneys

Transferring Attorneys

They transfer the property from the seller to the buyer. They represent the seller and are appointed by the seller.

Snyman de Jager Registering (or Bond) Attorneys

Registering (or Bond) Attorneys

They register the bond over the property in favour of the bank that is financing the purchase of the property. They represent the buyer and the bank granting the buyer’s home loan. Appointed by the bank granting the buyer’s home loan.

Snyman de Jager Cancellation Attorneys

Cancellation Attorneys

They cancel the seller’s existing home loan on the property. They represent the bank cancelling the seller’s home loan. Appointed by the bank cancelling the seller’s bond.

Our Conveyancing Services include:

  • Residential property transfers
  • Commercial property transactions
  • Land consolidations and Subdivisions
  • Mortgage bond registrations
  • Sectional title registers
  • Township registrations
  • Drafting Agreements of Sale
  • Bond cancellations

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